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Why Instant Backups on Slicie?

They're easy and powerful.

Backups are one of those things that people forget about. We understand that because they're a complicated and stressful thing to deal with. Most online businesses take for granted that their web host has backups and only realize the limitations of those backups once they need them.

We put a lot of effort into ensuring we had the best backups of any web hosting company. We care so much about backups because, while they're a stressful thing for you to deal with, they're also a challenge for web hosts. When there is a problem, and data is lost, you know what went wrong, but communicating that to a server admin at your web host can be difficult; after all, you know your business better than anyone else.

While we call them "Instant Backups," a better description of our goals might have been "Easy Backups." Our customers recover their data 99% of the time without asking us a single question because we made our backup recovery system dead simple.

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This shared hosting server has 59 available backups spanning an entire month. It uses our default backup schedule, including 30-minute backups.
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Our portal includes a simple two-step restoration process, giving you many instant recovery options.
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Custom backup schedules can be assigned to your server, allowing for complete control over your backups.

How do I recover a backup?

We set out to make our backups so easy that you can recover your data the first time, even when you're stressed about whatever just happened. We made a helpful "recovery" wizard with just two steps.

  1. Pick the backup to recover
  2. Choose what to do with it

How do I create a backup?

While recovering a backup is easy and automated, taking backups is just as simple. By default, your server will follow a "Backup Schedule," which takes backups every 30 minutes. You're free to create whatever schedule fits your needs best. If you're about to make a significant change or do an upgrade on your server, you can also create a backup instantly at any time in our customer portal.

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