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cPanel Account Guide: Creating your first site

Get your cPanel account

You can get a cPanel account with one click within our customer portal. There's a button that says "Add a New cPanel Account".

After you've logged in

cPanel is going to tell you to "Choose a starting point", where it offers you three options. We'll guide you through each choice.

We recommend you click the blue "SKIP" button or close the modal. Even if you intend to create a WordPress site, it's better to follow our guide.


WordPress is extremely popular - so if you're not sure how to get your site online, this is a good choice. Continue to the WordPress Guide.

Restore from backup

We don't really recommend you do this. If you're familiar with cPanel and know how to do this, you probably aren't reading this guide.

We recommend that you allow us to migrate your website, which we do for free. We've migrated thousands of websites, so it's best to let our experts take care of that for you. Every migration is custom, so create a ticket requesting help moving to Slicie.

Explore Account

This is the same as closing the modal or clicking the SKIP button. That's a good choice for learning how to use cPanel. If you go this route, continue the guide.

Accessing your free subdomain

We give you a free subdomain with your cPanel account, which allows you to test your site over HTTPS. This will be shown under General Information under "Primary Domain".

Because you don't have any files on your hosting account, you'll just see a "Directory Listing".

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