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Why Use a Cloud Server?

It's powerful.

Cloud Servers on Slicie are our flagship offering. You're given complete control over your hosting experience with full root access. You get the benefit of every unique feature, including Automatic Scaling, Utility Billing, AutoPilot, and Instant Backups. If you wish to manage your server, our Cloud Servers are the best choice.

How does it compare to shared hosting?

The most significant benefit of a Cloud Server is that it's an entire virtual server dedicated to your needs. More advanced and complex application setups may require dedicated or customized services to run on your server, which aren't compatible with shared hosting. While only some things will run on a shared hosting account, you can deploy anything on a Cloud Server.

One of the most straightforward distinctions between our Cloud Servers and shared hosting is the level of control you get. You take complete control over a Cloud Server with root access rather than a shared account.

What am I responsible for?

Whether you use shared hosting or run your own Cloud Server, you're always responsible for maintaining and securing your application. In addition to that responsibility, you must maintain and secure all of the systems within your Cloud Server. This isn't particularly difficult with a little bit of experience, but it requires periodic work to ensure things are running correctly.

What makes a Cloud Server on Slicie unique?

Unlike on Shared Hosting, you have access to AutoPilot, which is a feature allowing you to set up custom budgets, which is only available on Cloud Servers (at this time). You also have complete control over our Instant Backups, which provides many unique abilities unavailable on shared hosting.

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