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Your Guide to Slicie

Why Slicie?

At Slicie, we provide high-performance cloud hosting, which is simpler and more affordable than traditional web hosting. We make hosting easier by throwing out the biggest problem in the web hosting industry: the web hosting plan.

We replace hosting plans with two unique features:

We offer these features in two different ways:

Cloud Servers come with even more unique features:

  • Instant Backups ‐ the best backups in the world... seriously.
  • AutoPilot ‐ customizable budgets the guarantee your costs.

That's it?

We built Slicie to be simple and affordable. We want you to forget about your web hosting, and get back to running your websites.

If you want to make web hosting a full-time job, there's always AWS.

What about the cost of moving to Slicie?

We will move all of your sites for free.

We've safely moved thousands of websites to our hosting platforms over many years. We are experts at migrating even complicated, custom web apps.

We will provide expert guidance on how to minimize the downtime of making the swtich, as well as resolving customizations you may have related to services like MySQL, DNS, and more.

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