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Introduction to the Slicie user portal

Get started quickly with our user portal, using a desktop, table, or mobile device.

Our user portal is responsive to different display sizes

Our documentation will generally apply to all devices, but for smaller devices, some information may be hidden in order to properly fit your device. For the largest possible display, consider holding a mobile device in "landscape" format. We've designed our user portal to work in any mode on any device, but you will find it more detailed on larger devices.

In addition to the articles you can read about Slicie, you can also watch videos that demonstrate how to do some of the more common tasks on Slicie, like restoring an instant backup.

User portal snippets

At the bottom of this page's navigation, you can find "Portal snippets", which can also be found directly within our portal. Using our portal's navigation, we automatically include links to relevant information on that page. When you click one of those links, it will open up a modal within your current window, which contains the information that can be read here.

While we do encourage users to read the documentation found here, these docs are more intended to a serve as additional information to the snippets, as well as a place where all of the snippets are aggregated for extended reading. We believe Slicie is simple, and in keeping with that, we want all of the information you need to be quickly accessible. For that reason, we think it is beneficial to access these snippets as necessary when using our portal.

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