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cPanel Account Guide: What do cPanel accounts cost?

We do not have "plans" or "tiers"

All of the services we offer are designed to automatically scale up and down. For all of our services, you are billed based on your usage, not a limit or quota.

What costs money

  • CPU cores are billed at $10 per month.
    • You're billed every 10% of a core, which is $1 per month
  • Memory is billed for each GiB of RAM at $1 per month.
    • You're billed every 128 MiB, which is $0.12 per month

These are billed based on your exact usage at the end of each day.

  • Storage is billed for each GiB 10 GiB of NVME at $1 per month.
    • You're billed per MiB. For example, if you used 1 GiB (1,024 MiB), it would be $0.10 per month
  • Bandwidth, also known as network data transfer, is billed at $1 per 100 GiB.
    • You're billed per MiB. For example, if you used 1 GiB (1,024 MiB), it would be $0.010 per month
  • Dedicated IPs costs $1 per month.
    • You don't need this, and we don't assign them by default. You can request them by creating a ticket.

License Cost

Each cPanel account is billed $1/mo. So even if you don't use your cPanel account at all, you still owe $1 per month to cover the cost of the licenses on the server.

Do I pay monthly, daily, or hourly?

We generate invoices every month, based on each individual day billed within that month.

To keep things simple, the daily cost for everything is one 31st of the monthly cost. This means that at most, you'll pay the monthly rate, but on shorter months, you'll save money.

How will I save money?

On a web hosting plan, you're paying for a specific set of limits.

If you use the limits of your hosting plan, the performance of your server will suffer or cause data loss.

Because you are paying for unusable limits at our competitors, and you pay based on what you actually use on Slicie, you'll save money on the difference between your hosting plan's limits and what you're actually using.

In most cases, people who switch to Slicie were using a small fraction of their former hosting plan, which results in tremendous savings by moving to Slicie.

It's not rare for people to cut their costs down 10x.

What about the cost of moving to Slicie?

We will move all of your sites for free.

We've safely moved thousands of websites to our hosting platforms over many years. We are experts at migrating even complicated, custom web apps.

We will provide expert guidance on how to minimize the downtime of making the swtich, as well as resolving customizations you may have related to services like MySQL, DNS, and more.

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