Web Hosting

Slicie is a simple, fast and affordable alternative to traditional web hosting.
Servers on Slicie automatically scale without hosting plan limits.
Customers pay for what they use while saving money.

Join the Slicie Family, and we'll move your sites for free.

Scale Automatically

Hosting Is Easier Without Plan Limits

Server resources on Slicie scale up and down automatically.
Usage is tracked every second for optimal performance.
CPU, RAM, and NVME Storage scale independently.

Real-Time Scaling

No Hosting Plan Limits

Scaling for Your Whole Server

Hosting plans require predicting the future. When your plan is too big, you waste money; when your plan is too small, performance suffers. Instead of asking our users to choose between cost and performance, they pay for what their server uses while it scale automatically to meet changes in demand. Autoscaling works on Slicie by tracking every server's usage in real-time and allocating or removing resources to provide the best possible value. Instead of crashing your site with a big promotion, Slicie automatically scales your server to meet the increased demand.

Image description
A server running wooCommerce scales in real-time to meet changes in CPU usage, while only paying for the orange area.
Image description
This design company's server runs memory-intensive cron jobs every 5 minutes. RAM is scaled up in real-time, and scaled down when no longer needed.
Image description
This shared hosting server deleted over 700GB of NVME data on November 2nd, lowering NVME usage and saving $70/mo. Only the green area is billable usage.
Image description
This server was booted and began running a python script which creates a sine wave of CPU usage.
Image description
This server was booted and quickly scales up from 1.5GB to over 10GB of RAM usage, then scales down in real-time as its RAM usage lowers.
Image description
The server's NVME is scaled up and then down, while a large archive is generated and then deleted shortly thereafter.

Pay for What You Use

Pay for Usage, Not Limits

You pay for exactly what you use, and not for limits like on a hosting plan.

Accurate Billing

Usage is tracked every second, providing the most reliable billing possible.

Transparent Usage

Detailed statistics are available in real-time and archived in usage reports.

With a web hosting plan, you can't fully use each of your resource limits 100% of the time, but you're forced to pay for those limits anyway. When users on Slicie pay for their actual usage, and not some arbitrary limit, they save money on the difference.

Utility billing on Slicie works just like your electric company or a gas pump, you simply pay for exactly what you use. When you generate a big report that requires extra resources for 30 seconds, your bill goes up a little for 30 seconds. When your developers make your app 2x more efficient, your cost on Slicie goes down 2x.

Image description
A non-demanding cloud server costing about $5/mo - mostly from RAM.
Image description
A cPanel shared hosting server costing about $225/mo - mostly from 1.8 TB of NVME usage.
Image description
Hosting a popular wooCommerce store costing about $75/mo with nearly equal usage of all resources.

Never Overpay

With AutoPilot

Peace of Mind with AutoPilot

AutoPilot makes it easy to control your spending.
You decide the max you want to pay.
Change your budget at any time.

100% Guaranteed

Budgeting Per Resource

Customizable Notification Thresholds

We created AutoPilot to bring you peace of mind by guaranteeing the budget you pick will never be exceeded. Unlike a hosting plan where you pay for limits, AutoPilot never increases your costs and you still pay for what you use. AutoPilot ensures you never use more than you're willing to pay for, by throttling your usage only when required to maintain your budget.

We Support Everything

We Love Linux

We support Linux, its popular distros, and everything that runs on it.

All Your Favorite Apps

We support WordPress, Magento, PHP, Node, and everything else you run.

Your Control Panels

All of the common control panels run out of the box - like cPanel and Plesk.

If you've run it on a competitor, it's going to work on Slicie. You can quickly deploy a cloud server with root access, or you can set up a shared hosting account on one of our managed servers. Within our customer portal, you can get pre-built servers with popular control panels with a single click. We have partnerships with many companies, allowing us to provide discounted licenses to you.

Image description
Servers can be created with popular Linux distros including AlmaLinux and RHEL.
Image description
We automatically build and tune servers with popular control panels which can be used with a single click.
Image description
This cloud server was quickly setup with our one-click deployment. Users can easily click into WHM from our portal.

Get Started for Free

Our Experts Will Move Your Sites

We've succesfully migrated hundreds of websites.
We'll move you over for free as part of your 60-day trial.
Our team can handle any type of web app or custom setup.

Move Quick With Little Downtime

Free Migration Support

Relax While We Work

You don't need to know anything to make the switch to Slicie. Once you provide our team with access to your existing web hosting, we will handle the rest. We will determine the unique requirements of your current setup, and ensure your sites run even better on Slicie. We will engage with you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have along the way. We love bringing new people into the Slicie Family, and you'll be suprised by how exceptional our support is.

Let's do this.

Backup and Recovery

Efficient Backups

Backups are affordable and efficient, using the least amount of space possible.

Unlimited Backups

Schedule backups as often as every 30 minutes, and keep them forever.

Easy Backup & Recovery

Instantly create and restore a backup right from your phone or desktop.

Backups on Slicie were built into our technology's DNA. Our storage is the bedrock of Slicie, and it allows us to provide backups that our competitor's can't match. We designed our backup system to be easy to use the first time you need it. Taking a backup is as pain-free as a single click; within a second, your entire server is copied byte-for-byte. Need to do a big upgrade on your site? Take a backup. Did something go wrong with the upgrade? Restore the backup just as easily and quickly as you made it. The entire process is easy and reliable.

Image description
This shared hosting server has 59 available backups spanning an entire month. It uses our default backup schedule, including 30-minute backups.
Image description
Our portal includes a simple two-step restoration process, giving you many instant recovery options.
Image description
Custom backup schedules can be assigned to your server, allowing for complete control over your backups.

What Our Fans Say

From a fan running a Web Design Agency using WordPress:

“I cannot express enough how transformative my experience has been with Slicie's scalable web hosting platform. After struggling with a suboptimal VPS, slow site loading, intermittent database connection losses, and an impending need to update my server's OS, I felt overwhelmed and under-supported.

However, everything changed when I discovered Slicie. From the outset, the team demonstrated a commitment to understanding my unique needs and identifying the best solution for me. They recommended hosted cPanel accounts as an alternative to running my own server, explaining that this would offer the necessary power with the simplicity of shared hosting—ideal for WordPress hosting.

The transition was enlightening. I now enjoy smoother, faster, and more reliable website performance, while also saving money compared to my previous VPS expenses. My clients have noticed the improvement as well, with several commenting on the enhanced site speed and stability.

In conclusion, Slicie's scalable web hosting platform has been a game-changer. It has provided me with a simpler, more cost-effective, and highly efficient hosting solution, delighting both me and my clients. If you're facing web hosting challenges, I highly recommend considering Slicie.”

- Harry

From a fan running a growing game hosting company:

“Slicie has provided us with unparalleled assistance, featuring rapid ticket response times that have enabled us to build our company faster than we thought possible. Their one-to-one support has outperformed the competition, exceeding our expectations.

Their streamlined and easy-to-use interfaces have made it simple to click-and-go. Fast backup recovery means that in the event of an incident, we can quickly restore and return to full operations. Peak uptime ensures our customers never experience a hiccup.

Time and time again, I've recommended their platform to other businesses and companies looking for affordable, scalable solutions in the cloud that do not compromise on functionality or professionalism.”

- Jacob (“Helbulus” to his fans) at HelHosting LLC

How We Stack Up

We Grow With You

You pay for what you use, so the more you use, the more money we make. It's really a partnership; we want you to succeed and use our resources.

We want you to run a succesful promotion or go viral, and it's in our financial interest to provide you with everything your server needs. If we don't scale to your needs, we don't make money.

They Profit When You Overpay

Our competitor's have "plans" because their business model is to sell you more than you use, so that they can profit on the difference.

Most other hosts have rules in their terms of service which require you to use a similar amount of resource to their average customer. If you use more than a typical customers, they consider that usage "abusive" and will restrict or suspend service. Many companies advertise "unlimited", but they use these "abuse clauses" to guarantee their profits.

We Don't Have Hosting Plans

You just do whatever you need to do, and Slicie will adapt to you. You're free to use more or less at any time, and your costs will reflect that.

We don't have anything to "upsell", so there's no sales pitch for us to make. We just want you to use Slicie and grow with us.

Each resource, like CPU, RAM, and NVME are scaled and billed seperately, adapting to your unique usage.

They Lock You Into Plan Limits

Our competitor's "plan" is just a strategy for locking you into paying for more than you will use. Many companies won't let you downgrade at all, but the ones that do will restrict it to plans of equal disk space. Every host knows that over time their customer's data usage will grow, so this ensures they'll make more and more profit.

Their hosting plans are "cookie cutter" by design, tying all of your resources together in a bundle. This is designed to make it impossible for you to use the exact propotions of each resource that they've sold you, allowing them to resell those resources to other customers.

We Sell Scaling

We don't benefit from limiting you. You only pay for what you use, so if we don't allow you to use as much as you want, we don't get paid.

While nothing is unlimited in technology, we have an incentive to give you what you need. It will always be our goal to allow for the maximum possible scaling.

They Sell Limits

Their limits help them make profit. They want your promotion to fail, because that will force you to upgrade to a more expensive web hosting plan. They want you to run out of disk space, because they will lock you into a plan that you can't downgrade from.

Our competitors know it harms your customer's experience when you hit your plan's limits - that's a feature, not a bug. This means that it's practically guaranteed you will use less than you're paying for, allowing your unused resources to be sold again. Not only do you pay for something you didn't use, but more people pay for it too.

We Guarantee Your Costs

You can use AutoPilot and set the exact amount you're willing to pay. You'll never pay more than that.

You are notified in real-time when AutoPilot is throttling your resources to meet your budget, allowing you to immediately make adjustments to your budget without downtime or reboots. You can also set up cost thresholds that simply notify you and take no action.

You Can't Predict Their Costs

When you're running an online business, there is more cost to consider than your web hosting plan. You have to also consider the cost of poor performance on your business. If you hit your plan's limits, performance will suffer and it will hurt the customer's experience. Losing business due to bad performance has an opportunity cost which is more costly than your web hosting plan.

You cannot predict your server's future usage, so you're accepting a business risk with a web hosting plan that has cost. It's hard enough to estimate the success of an advertising promotion, but a viral online post or an unexpected rush in bot traffic are impossible to anticipate.

Most online businesses pay for web developers, and they are rarely also competent server admins. It's extremely common for developers to blame their web hosting company, because they are constantly dealing with the negative impact from hosting plan limits. You're paying for their time, whether it's spent improving your website or troubleshooting plan limits.

Unique Features

Automatic Scaling

Your server is scaled up and down in real-time without hosting plan limits.

Pay for What You Use

We bill your actual usage, not for limits. We monitor your usage with sub-second precision and share the stats with you.

No Downtime or Hosting Plans

There are no upgrades, downgrades, plan limits, or reboots on Slicie.

Over 250,000 GB of NVME

You have access to more storage than you can ever need.

High Performance Hardware

We use high frequency AMD EPYC CPUs and RAM with low-latency NVMEs.

Unlimited Backups

You can create as many backups as you like. Some users keep hundreds of backups.

Instant Backups

You can instantly create a backup in our customer portal in one click.

Instant Restoration

You can instantly restore a backup with one click.

Access Backups in Your Browser

You can navigate your backup's content in your browser to view and download files and directories.

Attach Backups to Your Live Server

Without downtime or rebooting, you can mount backups directly to your running server.

Instantly Undo a Restoration

If you restore a backup and it's not what you wanted, you can instantly switch back at any time.

One-Click Control Panels

We instantly give you the keys to a running server that is setup and tuned with popular control panels like cPanel.

No Reboots for Admin Tasks

In our customer portal you can change the root password, add SSH keys, and issue a graceful shutdown without stopping.

Multiple Out-of-Band Console Options

Even without network connectivity, you can access your server through both text or graphic console.

Customizable Usage Reports

Printable PDFs are emailed showing your usage, providing insight into your costs.

Live Usage and High Frequency Statistics

Usage stats stream into the control panel's UI every second, allowing you to watch your usage in real-time.

Extensive IP Support

A single server can have as many IPv4 addresses as you need. Provide /64 IPv6 subnets, and we provide private networking.

CSF Style Firewall

Our network firewalls allow you to easily control different networks, protocols, and ports.

And More...

Slicie was built from scratch, and we work closely with our customers to add features that makes web hosting more simple.

Let's make hosting better, together.

Hosting Questions

Nope! We offer shared hosting on servers which we professionally manage. Shared hosting accounts are billed the same as full servers, but we charge $1/mo for licensing.

Yes, absolutely. We've been providing web hosting for over a decade, and we've encountered many complex, custom hosting environments. We've never failed to migrate a website to Slicie.

No. While we provide virtual cloud services, those services are backed by real physical hardware. Unfortunately "unlimited" doesn't exist.

Although we're a new company with our public beta ending in the summer of 2023, we have invested a lot of money in Slicie allowing us to handle very demanding applications. We'll be growing our scaling capability as the finances allow us to do so, but at this time we can host any website which wouldn't otherwise require a substantial cluster of servers at one of our competitors.

Our current infrastructure balances terabytes of RAM, hundreds of CPU cores and a huge capacity of NVME.

You can generally assume that if you're paying under $5,000/mo for hosting, we'll be able to handle your needs.

If you have particular needs that you believe require a significant amount of resources (ie: many hundreds of gigs of RAM), please reach out to us at

Billing Questions

Every website or server will have different usage, which means that everyone's costs are unique on Slicie.

The median amount we invoices for shared hosting accounts for October, 2024 was below $3. The median amount we invoiced for Cloud Servers for October, 2024 was below $10.

First of all, if your site or server is attacked, causing a significant increase in usage, you won't have to pay for that.

For your normal day to day usage, you can keep things under control by using AutoPilot in our control panel. This allows you to specify a budget for your server and each of its individual resources.

AutoPilot works by looking at your past usage, and throttling your future usage to ensure you don't exceed your budget. While you're below your budget, no throttling takes place.

AutoPilot does not require you to understand the technical details of your usage, because it is based on cost. You just need to know the max you want to pay, and you can easily set that as your budget.

Each resource is billed to extremely precise fractions of the actual usage. We calculate billing to a millionth of a penny. Unlike a web hosting plan, you don't pay for your limits, but for your actual usage.


Using 100% of a vCPU for exactly 31 days costs $10.


Using 1 GiB of a RAM for exactly 31 days costs $1.

NVME Storage

Using 1 GiB of a NVME for exactly 31 days costs $0.10.

What do you mean by "exactly 31 days"?

We're just giving you the "monthly" price. So if, on average, you used 100% of a vCPU for one single day, you can divide $10 by 31. If you used just 50% of a vCPU for 1 day, you could divide that by 2 ($10 / 31 / 2). If you used it used half a vCPU for one hour, it would be $10 / 31 / 24 / 2).

On Slicie, equal usage has equal cost, regardless of the days of the month. This means that if your usage rate is the same, you'll pay a little less on the shorter months.

Public IPv4 Addresses

Assigning a public IPv4 address to your account for exactly 31 days costs $1. IPv6 and Private IPs are free.

Outbound Network Transfer

Transfering 100 GiB of data out costs $1. Inbound data is free.

Because your CPU, RAM, and network usage would all be non-existent, your only cost would be NVME storage.

Keep in mind that if you have an IPv4 address assigned to your account, it always costs $1/mo regardless of it points to an offline server.

Automatic Scaling Concepts

Your cloud server's storage is "thinly provisioned", which means that your usage only goes when you increase your usage. When your server deletes data, your usage and costs go down automatically as the space is returned to our infrastructure. We make 256 TiB of space available to your drive, and 512 TiB available in total for your drive and its backups.

Data which is deleted is only returned after it is discarded on the underlying drive; we automatically configure your server to do this on an hourly basis using "fstrim".

We monitor your server's memory usage and make tweaks to the amount of RAM allocated each second. Our algorithms look at your available memory to calculate the an optimal balance between performance and cost.

The underlying technology uses a concept called "memory ballooning", which allows your server to take and return RAM from our physical infrastructure. We also employ a feature integrates with OOM Killer to allow your cloud server to take extra RAM on demand during contention.

We provide a minimum amount of 8 vCPUs to every cloud server. The total amount of vCPUs allocated to your server increases based on your recent usage. This "scaling up" of available vCPUs is designed to improve the performance of virtualizing the CPU scheduler as well as controlling costs for brief and unplanned spikes in CPU.

At this time, we can scale individual cloud servers up to 48 vCPUs. This is in part because we don't use multi-processor configurations for cost and performance benefits. We intend to ramp up our maximum vCPU offering as we grow as a business.

Advanced Concepts

A better description for the CPUs we provide are "vCPUs" (virtual CPUs). This is because we don't restrict your access to CPU time, even at the individual vCPU level. Ultimately you pay for what you use, so it's in our benefit to provide you with the maximum amount of CPU time we have available.

We have enabled AMD's hyperthreading equivelant; however, we provide the topology of the CPU to your cloud server, allowing it to choose how to most effectivly distribute CPU work. Linux typically prefers using cores to threads in its CPU scheduler.

Because our infrastructure does not restrict (or pin) your vCPUs to any particular core or thread on our infrastructure, even if your cloud server's CPU schedule chooses a sub-optimal balance of CPU usage, our infrasturture will match your vCPU to the most performant core on our physical server.

Because we allow usage below a single CPU core, we don't have "dedicated" vCPUs (as that implies restricting/pinning vCPUs to physical CPUs). Ultimately our goal is to always provide your cloud server with as much CPU time as it needs (since you pay for that).

You only pay for the CPU time that is actually made available and used by your cloud server. If we fail to meet the CPU demand of your server (which has never happened), then you won't pay for what couldn't be used.

To contrast this with a web hosting plan: if you encountered "CPU Steal" on a hosting plan, you paid for a CPU limit which the host didn't provide you with. If the same thing happened on Slicie, you would not pay extra for what couldn't be provided to you. Keep in mind that on the hosting plan, your web host makes extra profit. On Slicie, if this happened, we'd lose money. We have every incentive to meet your CPU demands, while our competitors have a disincentive.

Take the next step with us!