Simple Scaling Servers

Easy web hosting without plans, restrictions, or slowdowns.
Pay for what you use, and scale automatically.

The same root access and software you're used to, on a server that adapts to your usage.


No Upgrades No Downgrades No Reboots

Real-time automatic scaling that goes beyond the competition

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Instant backups and disaster recovery

Backup your server instantly on-demand, and relax with automated schedules.

Backups every 30 minutes

Exact copies of all your data are made every 30 minutes. Enjoy fresh backups at your fingertips. There is no performance penalty.

Efficient and affordable

Backups are created and recovered instantly. You only pay for the changes after the backup; there are no additional fees.

Easy backup planning

Using our simple interface, you can configure how often backups are taken and how long they are stored. Keep as many as you want.

Easy and powerful backups

Mount on your live server Access in your browser Reboot into a backup in seconds

Use what you need, pay for what you use

At the end of each day, we bill based on your usage.

Unique Billing

Your usage is unique, and your bill should be too. We don't have cookie-cutter plans that waste your money, so we bill separately for RAM, CPU, and storage.

No Plans = Big Savings

When you are locked into a plan, you're paying for a limit that you can't efficiently use. With Slicie, you save money on the difference every day.

Transparent Billing

We accurately track your usage throughout the day, and we give you access to real-time metrics. You will easily understand your usage without any surprises.

Incredible value starting at only $100 per month

With unbeatable performance and unmatched scaling potential, you get exceptional value. Servers at other companies that cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars per month often cost just a fraction of that on Slicie.

Frequent backups with no performance penalty

Backups are built into our infrastructure's DNA. We crush the competition at backups. We take your data seriously, and you should too.

Compare us to the competition

Old web hosting companies lock you into an impossible situation: your server either runs slow, or you waste money.

Plans kill performance

When you use 100% of your storage, you can corrupt your data. When you use 100% of your memory, your server can crash. When you use 100% of your CPU, your server grinds to a halt.

Plans waste money

It is impossible to efficiently use what the other web hosts are selling, so that means you're wasting money on the difference between what you did use and what you can't use.

Tricks and gimmicks to lock you in to expensive plans

With plans, growing temporarily means a permanent increase in cost. Plans are designed around storage, which you need the most, ensuring you waste money on the resources you don't need.

Slow upgrades with long downtime

Some companies will tell you the hard truth right on their site: it can take a long time to upgrade your server. For larger servers, you might be waiting many hours to upgrade. When running a promotion, you will be torn between slow performance and a long outage.

Slow, infrequent backups, that cost you extra

Most companies charge a premium of 20% of your plan's price, regardless of how big your backups are. Most companies restrict you to just 2-4 backups, and in some cases, they might be as old as a week. Almost every company's backups hurt your server's performance, and some don't even work if you actively use your server!

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We have a new, better way

We're ready.
Are you ready for a new type of hosting?

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Internet Fast Paths

All servers are automatically placed behind our diverse edge network, which forwards traffic through the most optimal routes to your server.

Our infrastructure automatically detects and mitigates routing issues on the public internet, which helps ensure consistent performance.

Edge Services

The future of Slicie is at the edge. We have unique features coming out in 2021, which allow your server to utilize edge features without high costs and complexity.

Edge networking for our entire platform

Enjoy low latency, low packet loss, and 100gbps+ of DDOS protection.

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Simple, powerful, affordable

Slicie is a new kind of web hosting

  • Simple Server Hosting

    We hate how complicated cloud hosting has become. Slicie is designed to make your life easy. Finally, you can forget about your server.

  • Instant Scaling

    Run that next big promotion without a worry. Go from idle to full throttle without any change or reboots.

  • Extreme Performance

    We have no "shared" or oversold resources. We use Enterprise Intel Optane NVMEs, and high-performance Intel CPUs.

Get root access and run whatever you want

Our servers are compatible with everything you're used to. Every major Linux distribution is ready to go.

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A simple, powerful interface

  • Control with a click

    Easily manage and access your servers with simple interfaces that are easy to use. We give you powerful features like a comprehensive firewall without the headache or confusion.

    Our mission is to make your life as easy as possible.

  • Mobile ready

    Our interface was designed from the ground up to support mobile devices. Whether you're using your phone, tablet, or desktop, you'll have complete control over your server.

Take a deep dive

Vertical scaling means that you have one single server capable of adapting to resource usage changes by allocating more or fewer resources depending on your needs. Vertical scaling is perfect for PHP web applications, like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal, because those applications are challenging to scale to multiple servers (horizontal scaling). Vertical scaling ensures that your server is always ready for a surge in traffic, even when it is unexpected.

With Slicie, our infrastructure constantly monitors your resource usage, allowing it to make adjustments to your resources throughout the day.

Read more about our vertical scaling.

Instant backups are complete copies of your entire storage that can be created on-demand (a single button push), or they can be scheduled automatically. Instant backups can be scheduled to run as frequently as every 30 minutes, and you can configure them to be kept for as long as you like. There is no extra charge for backups; you simply pay for the storage space they require.

Instant backups also refer to the recovery of your backups. Every backup is ready to be used immediately, and there is no delay in "restoring" a backup. There are many ways you can use our instant server backups. You can attach a copy of them to your running server so that you can move files from the backup to your live server. You can reboot into a backup, and you can even view your backup in your browser, which allows you to download files and directories on your mobile device.

Read more about our instant backups.

The "edge" of a network is the portion that traffic enters from the public internet. Edge networking typically refers to the idea of having your network distributed around many locations so that traffic enters the network closer to an end-user.

The benefit to edge networking, in this simplest sense, is that you can lower the risk that traffic will be lost by controlling the quality of communication at the edge. In the case of Slicie, this empowers us to ensure that we have the highest quality network traffic between the edge and your server, which lowers the risk of packet-loss and routing issues on the internet.

We operate what is called an "anycast" (many) network, where almost all web hosting companies run a "unicast" (one) network. Our anycast network means that your IP addresses are "announced" in many locations, ensuring that there are many different traffic paths to flow into your server. This is valuable because it helps ensure that regional routing issues on the internet do not impact your server's network traffic quality.

Beyond merely improving network traffic quality to your server, the edge network also makes it easier for us to mitigate more significant DDOS attacks against your server. With a traditional unicast network, one single point must be attacked and defended, which makes overwhelming a network very easy. With a distributed edge network, an attacker must overwhelm many (or all) locations, which is very difficult. This is because the attacker has no choice where traffic comes into our edge locations, requiring them to have attack sources all around the United States, and not just in one specific region (like Asia or Russia).

Read more about our edge network.

Each individual resource, like RAM, CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network Bandwidth, are billed separately.

At the end of the day, we bill you based on your peak usage on that day, using a calculation known as "95e" billing. This type of billing is normally reserved for larger businesses operating in datacenters, but we believe it is the fairest method of billing for a server's resource. "95e" means that we bill you for the "95th percentile" of your usage, which allows you to "burst" without driving up your cost. Because we bill you by each day, this means the most active 76 minutes each day are not counted towards your bill.

Our approach offers a tremendous amount of savings compared to a traditional plan because, with a plan, you would be paying for a fixed limit each day.

Read more about our utility billing.

We provide virtual machines ("VMs"), which means that we provide a platform that virtualizes hardware. We utilize KVM/QEMU to achieve that. This empowers you to run any modern operating system and Linux distribution.

Virtual Machines (VM) are types of Virtual Private Servers (VPS). VPS is a broader term that applies to an environment that provides some form of isolation. If a VPS is not a virtual machine, it will have some limitations in its functionality.

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