Auto Scaling Servers

Get reliable performance without restrictions or upgrades.
Save money while paying for what you use.

We support your favorite software.


Never Upgrade Never Downgrade Never Reboot

Scale Automatically and Pay For What You Use


/ GiB of RAM


/ AMD Core


/ 10 GiB of NVME

Burst each resource for an hour each day for free!

Most servers don't pay for a single CPU core.

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See your usage and auto-scaling in real-time

This is a brand-new cPanel & WHM server that we built automatically for users.

This is just a small portion of the real-time info we show in our customer portal.

Each resource is auto-scaled every second to meet changes in demand.

The Fastest Backups for All of Your Data

Backup creation and recovery in seconds, not hours.

Backups Every 30 Minutes

Exact copies of all your data are made every 30 minutes. Enjoy fresh backups at your fingertips. There is no performance penalty.

Efficient and Affordable

We don't charge extra for backups, and you only pay for the differences between them.

Easy Planning

Using our simple interface, you can configure how often backups are taken and how long they are stored. Keep as many as you want.

Easy and Powerful Backups

Connect to your live server Access in your browser Recover in seconds

Honest Hosting that Doesn't Rip You Off

Start paying for what you use, and stop wasting money on a plan you don't need.

Fair Billing Every Day

Your usage changes every day. When you use less, you should pay less. Don't overpay preparing for a rush in traffic, and save money by paying for your actual usage.

Demand Performance

Your app is important, so don't limit it with a hosting plan. Usage is unpredictable, so keep everything running smoothly with automatic scaling.

Transparent Billing

Your server's usage is viewable in real time. You always know exactly what your usage is and how much it will cost. Easily control your costs with simple settings.

The Newest Technology, Ready for 2022 and Beyond

Your server is backed by the newest AMD CPU cores, with highest possible performance. Our storage is 100% NVMe, using local Intel Optane NVMes for the lowest possible latency.

Frequent Backups that Recover Fast

When backups recover in seconds, and you always have one that is at most 30 minutes old, you can rest easier.

Compare Us to the Competition

The same old approach that has been around for 20 years; you know where to find them.

Plans Kill Servers

Using 100% of storage can corrupt data. Using 100% of memory can crash your server. Using 100% of CPU grinds your server to a halt.

Plans Waste Money

You're wasting your money if you don't use 100% of your CPU, Memory, and Storage. You also can't predict the future... right?

Tricks and Overselling Lock You Into Expensive Plans

Plans are designed to restrict you based on storage. As time passes, you will need more and more disk space. When you run out of space, you'll be forced to pay for CPU and Memory that you don't need. Our competitors make their profit by overselling the resources you won't use.

Slow Upgrades with Long Outages

Some companies will tell you the hard truth right on their site: it can take a long time to upgrade your server. For larger servers, you might be waiting many hours to upgrade. It feels awful to get a rush in users, only to have to take your server down for an upgrade.

Slow, Infrequent Backups, that Cost You Extra

Most companies charge extra for backups and restrict you to just a handful of backups. Then, when you go to restore the backup, it can take an extremely long time.

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Start your free trial today!

Slicie is easy to use. Get started in just a few minutes.

Start Your One-Month Free Trial
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Internet Fast Paths

We have a diverse edge network throughout the United States. We automatically monitor the performance of routes between each of our locations, and make real time routing decisions.

Go faster with low latency, low packet loss, and 100gbps+ of DDOS protection.

West Coast


East Coast

Solutions for the Real World

Our Servers are Perfect for You

  • Made for Ecommerce

    Our entire company was built with Ecommerce businesses in mind. Crush Black Friday with automatic scaling. Keep your data safe with the best backups.

  • We Love Developers

    Our servers are perfect for software development. Break something? Restorations on Slicie take seconds. Optimize your code? Save money.

  • We'll Make Your Life Easier

    There's no online school, complicated docs, billing calculators or hidden fees. We'll cut out the headaches, so you can focus on more important things.

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Fully Featured Mobile UI

  • Control With a Click

    Easily manage your server with a simple interface. All of the features available on your desktop are also mobile friendly.

  • Mobile Ready

    You can use any mobile browser with Slicie. Our entire interface is responsive and adjusts to your screen size.

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Backups share the same data as your live server's storage. The cost of your "live data" is the same as the cost of your "backup data". We don't store your backups on slower storage, because we want your backup to be instantly usable with the same performance of your live server.

We use differential backups, which means you only consume more data when a change is made.

By default, your server will scale up after one hour of using more than you are paying for. Essentially this allows you to "burst" above your paid usage for free an hour each day.

After an hour of using more than you're paying for, your server will scale up and you'll pay for another unit of that resource (1 core, 1 GiB of RAM, or 10 GiB of storage).

Network usage is simply billed based on how much data your transfer out of our network. Inbound data is free.

Absolutely! It is very easy to ensure you stay within any budget. You can set limits on how much of each resource your server is allowed to use, which will keep your costs under control.

A CPU is made up of many individual CPU cores. A CPU core is a physical component of the CPU hardware.

A thread (or hyperthread) is half of a CPU core, which competes for the time of the entire core. When both threads of a CPU are competing for resources, the performance of each thread can drop to about 60%. You can read this article that shows the thread performance, relative to the entire core. Mostly all of our competitors sell threads, because it allows them to sell the other thread on the same core to another customer. This overselling technique causes inconsistent performance, and allows companies to advertise "dedicated" threads. A "hyperthread" is never dedicated, because it does not have exclusive access to the CPU core.

A vCPU is a virtualized CPU core, thread, which does not neccessarily have a 1 to 1 ratio on the physical server. A physical server with 8 cores can run a VM with 200 vCPUs.

To avoid confusion, at this time we only offer CPU cores; however, in the future we will allow people to enable threading at no additional cost.