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Why Shared Hosting?

It's really easy.

With shared hosting, you don't have to manage your server. 95% of the time, managing your own cPanel server is pretty straightforward, but it's the 5% that can cause a lot of problems if you're inexperienced.

When you're on a shared hosting account, we give you your own cPanel account - an isolated environment on a larger server. You can set up as many things as you wish on that account. We don't restrict you or charge extra for things like domains and email accounts.

A shared hosting account might seem "limiting" or "too small" for your business, but most online businesses can run just fine. That's because, on Slicie, we don't impose hosting plan limits like our competitors. You're going to be able to scale as high as you would on a dedicated server; you just don't have to deal with managing it yourself.

What sort of things can I host?

Our shared hosting caters to hosting PHP web applications. WordPress is the most prominent example of this, but any PHP web app will work great. Magento is another excellent use case for our shared hosting.

What's wrong with shared hosting?

Shared hosting isn't suitable for you if you need to run server-wide customizations. We can tweak all sorts of things specific to your application (like PHP settings), but we can't make changes that would affect other customers. Similarly, we can't run services that need to be dedicated to you - like Redis or Elasticsearch.

Do I need to use shared hosting if I can't manage my server?

We can manage a dedicated cloud server for you. You'll need to pay for your software licenses (which we can bill you for), and you'll need to pay for the support you use.

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