Privacy Policy

Last Updated: February 5th, 2023

This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, and share information related to your use of our servers, networks, infrastructure, websites, and mobile applications (collectively, the "Services") operated by Slicie LLC, an Arizona corporation ("Slicie", "we", "our", "us").

We provide infrastructure as a Service, which is a major component of what we offer. This privacy policy does not describe how users of our Services might collect information on their systems using our infrastructure.

This privacy policy outlines how we handle your data, not how others who use Slicie's web hosting Services might handle your data.

We may collect and receive information about users of our Services from various sources. We collect information about how you as a user navigate interface with our various Services. We also collect information about how your software interacts with our Services. We also may be provided with information about your usage from third party websites, Services, and partners. Some examples of these situations are provided below.

Information we collect about you

  • Account Information
    When you register for an account, we collect information such as your name, company information, address, email address, telephone numbers, and we also have you provide credentials to use with our Services.
  • Payment Information
    We require you to provide a valid credit card to maintain an active account with us. We do not store your credit card information; however, we have access to and retain, subscriber information through our third-party payment processor, which is associated to your account. The third-party payment processor does store your payment information, though they are required to meet strict PCI compliance.
  • Communications with us When you contact us directly, we will store the metadata and actual contents of your messages and attachments you communicate to us. We keep all communications with our users indefinitely.
It should be obvious any time we collect your information as to why we're doing that. For instance, to sign up, you would provide your email address so that we can contact you in the future. If you are uncertain of why we're asking for your information, please feel to ask us about that.

Information we collect about your use of our websites and our applications

  • We utilize cookies and other tracking technologies for a variety of reasons. We use that information to help associate your session with your experience. For example, utilize cookies to securely log you into our customer portal. We also utilize cookies to track down bugs in our interfaces. Even if you are not logged into our customer area, we track your usage with a "session cookie", which allows us to reproduce any bug that you run into when reviewing logs of your activity. We will track your use across different websites and Services. For instance, for technical reasons, we have different portions of our Services running on different websites. In some countries, including countries in the European Economic Area ("EEA"), the information referenced above in this paragraph may be considered personal information under applicable data protection laws.

Information we collect about your use of our infrastructure

  • We collect extensive metadata about how your software interfaces with our infrastructure. We do not specifically collect information about what you store or do, but more about how you do it. If we do analyze your actual data, it would be to make comparisons to other data of yours, and never for the purposes of sharing your data.

Information we receive from third parties

  • In some cases you may wish to associate your information collected by third parties with us. For instance, you might wish to tie your account with us to your account with Google or Facebook. In those instances, we would be provided with some information from those third parties. We also utilize tracking software, such as Google Analytics, which provides metadata about your interaction with our Services. We also utilize similar software for preventing malicious activity and bots, which collects basic information to determine that you are a real human.

How we use your information

Our goal is to provide a better Service to our users with your information.

The information we collect helps us improve our Services by making better automated decisions to adapt to you. For instance, our infrastructure analyzes your usage in order to improve the performance of your server.

We personalize our Services based the information we collect. An example would be, in our interface, you are able to specify things like the way we format dates, the timezone you prefer, your preference for sorting and pagination, and much more. If we did not collect your preferences, we could not provide those personalized experiences.

We want to better understand how our users are interacting with our Services. For our websites, we want to make sure everyone is having a smooth and easy experience. For our infrastructure, we want to determine at a larger scale what we can do to provide a better value based on common usage.

We need your information to communicate with you. We send you notifications about your usage, as well as invoices that outline the costs associated with your use of our Services.

We use the information we collect in order to process your payment for our Services.

We use the information we collect in order to prevent fraudulent use of our Services. Regretfully, when it comes to web hosting, there are individuals who wish to cause harm to other networks on the internet, and we use the information we collect to mitigate that risk.

Information we collect is used to ensure that our users are complying with our Terms of Service.

How we share your information

We share limited information with vendors as required.
When necessary, we may share some information with third party vendors in order to assist with your utilization of a third party Service or product you request to use. For instance, we provide "server images" that allow you to install an application or utilize a third party Service in one click, and those third parties may have requirements that we provide some information to identify you. We do not share your payment information with those vendors.

An example situation where we may be required to share your information is when providing your contact information for licensing or setting up a control panel. We also automatically configure operating systems based on what you provide us, and we don't control the data collection policies of those operating systems or distributions.

We don't sell your information.
While we may be required to share some information you provide in order to make 3rd party software work, we do not sell the information you provide or that we gather to others.

We aggregate non-identify information for analysis.
We may collect metadata about your usage, and aggregate it with many customers, in such a way that you are not individually identifiable. We may share that information. As in, we might share that, "a typical customer uses 2GiB of NVME", and your information might be used in calculating that amount.

We notify people who refer you that you were referred by them.
If someone sends you to our website in such a way that is tracked, we may share limited information about you with the referrer. For instance, we may give you "invitation codes" to sign up for our Service. If you give someone a code, we will tell you when it is used, and sometimes we will provide minimal information to help you identify who they were. We will never share your contact or payment information.

To comply with the law.
As explained our Terms of Service, we follow the laws of Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. We may share information to satisfy a law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request. We may be required to provide information about you to comply with a valid DMCA request, if you do not remove the offending material.

To protect our company and Services. We may share your information to enforce our Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, including investigation of possible violations such as:

  • To mitigate and prevent fraud, security risks, and technical issues
  • To prevent SPAM, fraud, and malware attacking other networks which harm our reputation
For instance, if it appears that there is malicious code running on your server, which is threatening the integrity of our Services, we may share the information we have collected with a third party security company.

Legal Basis for Processing Personal Information

Our legal basis for collecting and using personal information described above depends how you are consuming our Services.

When you sign up for our Services. We need your information to do business with you. You opt-in to providing us with your information, with the understanding that it is used to provide you with the Service you're requesting when you sign up.

When you use our infrastructure. The information we collect is clearly intended to improve the quality of our Services in such a way to benefit you. We utilize that information to scale your servers, make modifications to our infrastructure to improve your server's performance, and other things in your interest. We are transparent about the fact that our solutions work by analyzing your usage in real-time, that usage we're referring to is the metadata we collect.

When you contact us. If you're reaching out to us for assistance, the best way to help you may be to ask you questions and collect information. We're not forcing you to provide that information, you can choose to not continue receiving help.

We use your personal information to fulfill or business relationship with you, and to process payments. This processing is in our legitimate interests and it does not override your rights.

In some cases we have a legal obligation to collect your information, or we are acting in such a way to protect your interests. For instance, we may ask you to verify some personal information, in order to ensure someone is not fraudulently pretending to be you. If we are required to collect your information for a legal reason, we will notify you if the information is mandatory or not, as well as what action might be taken for not providing it.

Browsing to third party Services

On numerous places on our website, we will provide "hyperlinks" to information found on websites not operated by Slicie. We may also have text that simply contains a URL for you to follow if you wish to read that content. There are many wonderful resources that can help you that are on third party websites, but we are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of those third parties.

Protecting your information

We utilize many different technologies in order to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We utilize a level of security we believe to be appropriate for the data we collect. We do our best to safely store your information, but nothing is 100% perfect.

How long we retain your information

In some cases we save information that we collect forever. We only retain information when there is an ongoing legitimate business reason to do so. When there is no longer a legitimate reason to retain your information, we will delete it or remove any personally identifying details. For instance, we keep aggregate metadata information forever, for analysis about how users interact with our Services.

In other cases, such as your financial information, we will delete your data as soon as appropriate. As in, once you close your account with us, we remove any association your billing information has with our organization, when it is reasonable to do so (after enough time passes that the prior payments cannot be disputed).

How to access information we collect

Your personal information is accessible by logging into your account with us. You are free to modify your information with us. Information about your use of our server infrastructure is also provided to you within our customer portal, though not all information is shown (in many cases it would be too complex or not useful).

In case you are unable to log into your account with us, and you cannot access the customer portal, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identify before allowing you access to your account.

We back up our customer information as an ordinary course of business to ensure the integrity of our company for disaster recovery purposes. If you change your personal information, it's probable there exists a backup copy for some useful time. It's also possible that we kept the "history" of your information, in order to prevent fraudulent actions against your account. For instance, if you left your laptop open at a restaurant while logged in, and someone changed your information, we would want to be able to identify the original "owner" of the account.

Rights for EEA Residents under GDPR

Residents of the EEA may contact us at for the following reasons:

  • If you wish to access, correct, update, or request deletion of your personal information.
  • To object to the processing of your personal information, ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information, or request portability of your personal information.
  • To opt-out of marketing communications we send you at any time. It is easier to use the "unsubscribe link".
  • To withdraw your consent for processing your information. This will not affect the lawfulness of any processing we conducted prior to your withdrawal, nor will it affect the processing of your personal information conducted in reliance on lawful processing grounds other than consent.
We respond to all requests we receive from individuals wishing to exercise their data protection rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws. You may contact your local data protection authority if you wish to object to your collection or use of personal information.

Children's Privacy

Children are not allowed to use our Services if they are under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect information from children. Contact us at if you believe we have collected personal information from a child.

Limiting the data we collect

If you do not sign up for our Services or register for an account, you will limit the type of information we collect. We will not collect any personally identifiable information unless you attempt to sign up for our Services.

If you subscribe to receive emails from us, which are in the form of notifications about Services or promotional emails, you may unsubscribe from those emails by using the "unsubscribe link" in the email.

If you do not wish to have use cookies to track your interactions with our site, you can likely disable cookies within your browser. Please note that if you do not use cookies, you will not be able to register or consume many of our Services. We rely on cookies for a variety of purposes, so to get full use out of our Services, you need to enable them.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We're a new company, so it's very likely that we will update our Privacy Policy in the future. We encourage you to frequently review our privacy policy, which will always be found easily on our website and linked directly on our homepage.

If we make a significant change to our Privacy Policy, we may notify you of the change, assuming we've collected contact information from you.

Sending your data to other jurisdictions

In the future, we may have a need to transfer your personal information to countries and jurisdictions other than the one we originally collected you information in. Those jurisdictions may likely have differing laws applying to the collection of your information. If we transfer your information to other countries, we will protect that information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Contact us with questions about our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions, we encourage you to email us at