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Getting started with cPanel

Is a cPanel account right for me?

cPanel Accounts are the perfect fit for practically any website. You can host any PHP web app, which includes the most popular software like WordPress and Magento. You have complete control over your application, allowing you to make any customization you need.

You're account is hosted on a server that we manage, which means you don't need to worry about keeping your own server secure and reliable.

How to reach us about your cPanel account

Our team has been providing cPanel web hosting for over a decade, and we're certified partners with cPanel. We're here to answer any questions you have about cPanel. You can email us at, or create a ticket in our customer portal.

You can email our founders directly as well! Feel free to email Drew Hastings ( or Rick Garcia (

We'll move you to Slicie for free

We've done thousands of migrations for more than a decade, and we can move your site from any hosting platform. Every hosting platform is unique, so just reach out to us to start the conversation about how to move your websites.

Even if you're not on a cPanel host already, we can migrate you to one with us. We've dealt with very custom setups that are deployed on dedicated and unique environments, so rest assured that we can help you make the switch.

What makes cPanel on Slicie unique?

With Slicie, you only pay for what you use.

You don't have to worry about web hosting plans, tiers, or limits. Your cPanel account on Slicie scales automatically.

Your entire server and all of your cPanel account are backed up every 30 minutes. We keep over 60 copies of your account. You can email us at, or create a ticket in our customer portal to request a backup restoration.

Getting Started with your cPanel Account on Slicie

We created this simple guide to outline the basics of how Slicie works to help you get started. Click a link below to learn more about Slicie.

  1. What do cPanel accounts cost?
  2. Hosting limits and auto-scaling
  3. Creating your first site
  4. Using WordPress
  5. Accessing your site
  6. Domain Names
  7. Uploading Files

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