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Automatic Scaling Limits

On our automatic scaling platform, you can limit each resource to align with your budget.

How Automatic Scaling Works on Slicie

Unlike more complicated systems, which scale horizontally by adding more and more servers, Slicie scales your single server vertically by adjusting its resources over time. CPU and Memory scaling work by monitoring your server's usage, and based on the automatic scaling mode you've chosen, scale your server's resources more or less aggressively. Your storage is not scaled up or down, and you always have access to far more NVME than you can use; however, your cost is tied to your disk space usage.

How You Can Limit Your Server's Resources

If you're operating on a fixed budget, you may define limits for how much of a particular resource you want to make available to your server. CPU and Memory, which scale automatically, can be restricted based on your budget. You will not be invoiced for more of a resource than the limits you set.

Due to limitations in all operating systems, you cannot increase your limits above the limits you booted your server with, though you can lower them. If you need to increase the limits you set, you can simply shut down your server, change the limits you've set, and boot it again.

How We Invoice Server Resources with Automatic Scaling

We offer different automatic scaling modes, which impact how aggressively your server will allocate new resources based on demand increases. The more aggressively you configure your server to scale, the quicker you are invoiced for resources as your usage increases. You can select different automatic scaling modes for both CPU and Memory.

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