We are interested in considering investments in Slicie.
If you share our vision for web hosting, consider contacting our founders.

Why invest in Slicie

We believe that we have three strongly unique features that synergize well in the web hosting market. This is based on decades of combined experience between our founders. We provide uniquely powerful vertical scaling for servers, which is an entirely automated process. This is extremely beneficial for important web services, such as e-commerce sites. We also have a completely proprietary storage platform, which would be extremely difficult to reproduce. With our storage platform, we can provide affordable, high performance, and practically unlimited storage. Our custom backup solution is also woven into our storage platform, which provides customers with an otherwise unattainable peace of mind. In addition to our extremely powerful hosting platform, we have a business model that is almost completely exclusive to Slicie, which is that we charge people based on their usage for each individual server. While other, much more complicated providers, offer scaling horizontally, we make vertical scaling easy.

Investors we are looking for

If you can offer something that does not compromise our vision for Slicie, we're interested in hearing from you. We are not interested in providing majority ownership of Slicie, and we are not interested in investments worth less than $250,000.

In particular, we are looking for individuals who can contribute more than just financially. If you specialize in a related field such as web hosting, internet technology, or sales and marketing, we would strongly consider your involvement with our startup.

You can find the contact information for our founders on our about us page.