Auto Scaling for Ecommerce

For businesses ready to dominate the competition.

Keep using the apps you love, and convert more customers using the only server that adapts in real time.


Never Upgrade Never Downgrade Never Reboot

Scale Automatically and Pay For What You Use


/ GiB of RAM


/ AMD Core


/ 10 GiB of NVME

Burst each resource for an hour each day for free!

Most servers don't pay for a single CPU core.

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Backups Built for Ecommerce

Your data is critical to your business. Get the most powerful backup solution available.

Backups Every 30 Minutes

All of your files, all of your sales, and everything else are backed up every 30 minutes. Never lose a day or more of business.

Instant Recovery

There is no delay when recovering a backup. In some cases, you may not need to stop doing business for a second.

Simple and Customizable

Easily create a backup schedule that fits your unique needs. Our simple UI is mobile ready, and takes seconds to configure.

Easy and powerful backups

Mount on your live server Access in your browser Reboot into a backup in seconds

We will help you grow your online business

Our exclusive technology makes online stores run smoother and saves you money.

Dependable Performance

Choose the only server that will scale automatically and adapt in real time to your next promotion. Always have exactly what your online business needs.

Unique Billing

You pay based on your daily usage. Instead of locking into a monthly or yearly rate just to handle an occasional promotion, you pay a little extra when your promotion works.

No plans? Huge savings.

Most ecommerce stores use less than 10% of their hosting plan. Don't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month for a plan that you don't need.

Better, Cheaper, and Easier Than the Competition

Our technology is powerful, but it's also designed to be easy to use for everyone. Unlike big cloud companies, we don't need thousands of pages of documentation and online courses. Our exclusive features will make your life easier, not harder. We want you to focus on running your business, not worrying about your hosting.

We're so confident in our hosting, that we'll guarantee it 100%.

You will love our hosting; but if you decide it's not perfect, we will refund you 100% for the first 3 months.

Expert Support Your Business Can Depend On

We are constantly available for our customers, and we're here to grow alongside your business. We've overcome thousands of problems unique to ecommerce websites, and we can help guide your business to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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Start your free trial today!

Slicie is easy to use. Get started in just a few minutes.

Start Your One-Month Free Trial
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Compare us to the competition

Old web hosting companies lock you into an impossible situation: your business either runs slowly, or you waste money.

Hosting Plans Kill Performance

Using 100% of a plan's resources can result in data corruption and crashes. The best you can hope for is slow performance. We hate seeing ecommerce businesses run a great promotion, and then suffer from the limitations of their web host. It's impossible to predict a surge in visitors from a social media post, and a plan that is too small will grind your business to a halt.

Hosting Plans Waste Money

There are so many important things to spend your money on, so don't waste it on a hosting plan. For ecommerce businesses, you're forced to overspend on your hosting in order to handle increases in traffic. We constantly see businesses using less than 10% of their hosting plan. Your web host is selling you something they know you won't use, so they can pocket the money.

Hosting Companies Use Storage To Upsell

The nastiest trick every web host uses is to tie your storage to the other resources on the server. The longer you run your online business, the more disk space it will use. Even if you are not growing in sales every year, your hosting costs will creep higher and higher alongside your disk usage. By bundling everything in a plan, you'll be forced to buy CPU and Memory that you don't want.

At Slicie, you always have as much storage as you need, and you only pay for what you use. We bill each resource separately.

Slow Upgrades With Long Downtime

Upgrading your hosting plan often involves moving your cloud server to different hardware. Even the most popular hosting companies can take hours to do this. We know how painful it is to run a successful promotion, just to have everything grind to a halt. Choosing between a slow site or hours of downtime is a terrible situation to put your business in; let us help your business avoid that costly choice.

Slow, Infrequent Backups That Cost You Extra

Most companies charge a premium of 20% of your plan's price, regardless of how big your backups are. Most companies restrict you to just 2-4 backups, and in some cases, they might be as old as a week. This is horrible for an online business. We have seen countless businesses run into a problem that went unnoticed for weeks, and then they're forced to revert everything. Even if you're fortunate enough to notice the issue quickly, are you willing to undo all of your sales and changes? Are you willing to take your business down for hours to do it?

At Slicie, we make backups easy. You can keep as many backups as you want, as frequently as every 30 minutes or on-demand. You have access to your backups in your browser, on your phone, or live on your server without any downtime.

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Everything... except Windows (coming soon).

All of our technology and features are built around the server's infrastructure, and so from your perspective, it's works just like any other web hosting server. You can run your favorite versions of Linux and any version of PHP or whatever language you need; it's all entirely up to you. Whether you're running Magento, WooCommerce, or a completely custom setup, it will work on Slicie.

You can have as many IPv4 addresses as you use. One is included by default on your server (as well as an IPv6 address).

Absolutely. We offer literally the fastest hardware available. We are not aware of any provider that offers the same level of performance.