Pay For What You Use

Your hosting bill should be fair and easy to understand.
Start saving big each day over a hosting plan.

Your Costs Adapt Automatically

There is no work required from you. Your bill automatically adjusts to your usage.

Unique Daily Billing

Each day is unique, and if you use less on Saturday, then your costs are lower on Saturday.

Utility Billing

Like an electric bill, we invoice you based on your actual usage, not some arbitrary plan.

Complete Control

You can easily customize how your server scales and limit resources to manage your expenses.

Never Upgrade Never Downgrade Never Reboot

Scale Automatically and Pay For What You Use


/ GiB of RAM


/ AMD Core


/ 10 GiB of NVME

Burst each resource for an hour each day for free!

Most servers don't pay for a single CPU core.

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Pay for what you use

How it Works For You

  • You Control Auto Scaling

    You set the max amount of CPU and Memory and choose how quickly your server scales.

  • Scale Up

    When usage rises, more resources are assigned to your server.

  • Scale Down

    Bursts in usage don't cost extra, because your resources scale down quickly.

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How We Make Billing Easy

  • Clear Pricing

    We tell you exactly what each resource costs. You can use as much or as little of each resource as you want. There are no "general" plans or "memory-optimized" plans. Instead, our infrastructure automatically scales to fit your needs, and your bill adapts to your usage.

  • Usage Reports Emailed to You

    Based on your preference, you can receive emails outlining your ongoing usage. For example, if you wish to receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports, you can opt-in using our simple customer portal.

  • Optional Limits for Cost Control

    You can control how our Automatic Scaling works to ensure that you never pay more than you wish.

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How Our Competitors Make More Profit

Old web hosting companies charge you unfairly, locking you in to paying for something you don't need.

You Waste Money "Future Proofing"

There's nothing more unpredictable than a web application. If your app is important, you need to overpay for a hosting plan to prepare for an unpredictable increase in demand.

Bundled Resources Are a Bad Fit

Hosting plans are structured to make profit. You won't use CPU, RAM, and Disk Space to the exact ratios your hosting plan bundles them in. You will pay for more CPU when you run out of storage.

Our Competitors Profit From Overselling

Web hosts profit when you don't use your resources, so that they can be sold multiple times. We find most people use just 10% of their hosting plan, which means your web host is selling your plan to nine other people. To ensure their profits, when you do fully use what you're paying for, many companies will call you "abusive" and claim you violate their Terms of Service.

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Slicie is easy to use. Get started in just a few minutes.

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Learn More

We offer multiple "scaling modes" for both CPU and Memory, which determine how aggressively your server scales up and down. Resources are invoiced based on the scaling mode that you select. A more "aggressive" scaling mode, which adapts quicker to changes, will cost relatively more because it will assign more resources than a less aggressive scaling mode.

The default scaling mode is called "Standard Performance". In that scaling mode, you can exceed your invoiced resources for one hour before being billed for the next resource. For example, if you're paying for 1 CPU core, you can use 2 CPU cores for 45 minutes without increasing your bill. If you use 2 CPU cores for one hour, you will be invoiced for 2 total CPU cores.

At midnight UTC, the amount your resources are invoiced for cuts in half. So if you paid $64 for CPU cores one day, the next day starts at $32. If your usage does not exceed $32 on that day, the next day it will start at $16. It takes just three days for your bill to get to 12% of what it peaked at, which is a huge amount of savings compared to a monthly hosting plan.

The reason your bill lowers by at most half each day is because the amount of resources that are allocated to your server are tied to your bill. We don't want to take away all of your resources each day.

We show prices at the monthly rate for simplicity, but each day your account is invoiced for that day's usage. For instance, we charge $1.00 per month for a gigabyte of RAM, which is invoiced at a rate of $0.033 per day.

Each server costs at least $3 per month, which is the cost of your first allocation of NVME space. If your server is not shut off, realistically you will also use at least one gigabyte of RAM, which is an additional $1 per month. So, with a very minimal server, which uses less than 1 CPU core for an hour each day, you will pay $4 per month.

During the limited access period, when you need to be given an invitation to use Slicie, it's free.