Request Limited Access

We've been developing Slicie for years, but we just launched in July of 2022!
We're currently accepting new customers on a limited basis.

Due to demand, we're not accepting invitation requests at this time. We expect to allow new users in February, 2023.

Our invitation process

  • Only US residents

    We want to ensure that we can reliably communicate with our customers during the early stages of our company's growth. It's easiest to do that if we're in similar time-zones and share a common language.

  • Not all invitations are sent immediately

    We allow customers to scale to very high usage, which means we must ensure that we have available hardware to accommodate our customers. It can take time for vendors and manufacturers to provide us with hardware, and we may delay sending invitations to ensure a smooth experience for our current users.

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Learn more about our invitation process

We will send you an email to verify your email address. The page where you verify your address will also request some information from you with a simple survey containing a few questions. In the earliest stages of our invitations, users who provide that extra information will be prioritized over those who don't.

We review every request for an invitation. Rather than refuse an invitation request, we'll contact you if we have a question.

You may if you wish to receive emails about Slicie. We'll send you an invitation when we accept residents outside of the United States.