We are looking for talented individuals looking to join a new startup.

Who we want to work with

We're looking to work with anyone who shares our ambition for growing Slicie. Any talented individual who shares that vision is welcome to contact us about career opportunities. The reality is that we're a small company that is growing, so we can use help in a lot of areas. If you're a hard worker, we're interested in talking to you.

Technology positions

The reality is that Slicie's infrastructure is almost entirely custom. If you're a developer or engineer who is interested in working for us, you have to be the type of person who thrives working in unexplored territory. The solutions to the problems we solve can't be found on Google, so you need to be able to contribute through learning with us and on your own. We solve really hard problems, and if you want to learn things that aren't taught anywhere else, Slicie is probably a great place for you.

Sales and marketing positions

If you're looking to work with something completely new in a growing market, Slicie is probably a perfect fit for you. Rather than trying to sell the same stuff you can find at a thousand other companies, at Slicie, you can sell something truly unique. We've designed our technology to stand out, and we believe our innovations will benefit a massive market. If you're looking to help us bring Slicie to the world, we want to hear from you.

What to send us

You can send us a resume if you'd like, but we think traditional hiring is a pain. If you're excited about the possibility of working with us, then just tell us what you think about Slicie and how you think you can contribute. If you have experience that would help you help us, let us know about it. We're not looking for a long essay or a novel, just send us something that gets our interest so we can start a useful conversation.

You can find the contact information for our founders on our about us page.