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Simple hosting with extreme performance.
Let WordPress flywithout limits.

Your WordPress Site is Unique ‐ Your Server Should Be Too

We provide the only server that adapts to your WordPress site.

Automatic Scaling

Save money during development with automatic scaling that lowers your costs. Go viral without upgrading.

Slicie Feature
Automatic Scaling

Easy Backups

Your entire server, including Wordpress, is backed up automatically every 30 minutes. You can recover everything in seconds.

Slicie Feature
Instant Backups

Pay For What You Use

Forget about plans and resources. Use whatever you need, whenever you want. Pay for what you use, not a costly limit.

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Custom Billing

Never Upgrade Never Downgrade Never Reboot

Scale Automatically and Pay For What You Use


/ GiB of RAM


/ AMD Core


/ 10 GiB of NVME

Burst each resource for an hour each day for free!

Most servers don't pay for a single CPU core.

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Easy, Powerful, Affordable

How WordPress Works on Slicie

  • One-click Setup

    We have server images with WordPress that exceed all recommendations. Use our image or set up your own from scratch. Keep cost super low during development.

  • Launch Your Site

    Your same server that you built your site on is always ready for production. There is no plan to upgrade; just go live!

  • Profit

    Run a promotion, go viral, do anything...
    but forget about your server! Slicie has you covered, and it will automatically adapt to save you money.

Focus on What Matters Most, Not Your Hosting

Slicie is easy; it takes all the hassle out of running WordPress. Don't worry about your server.

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Slicie and WordPress: The Perfect Match

  • Take Complete Control

    There are no restrictions on how you can use WordPress on Slicie. With root access, you have complete control over your entire server.

    Slicie isn't "managed" like some other WordPress providers. You can install any plugin you want. Your application is as unrestricted as your server. Enjoy WordPress without limitations.

  • Backups Every 30 Minutes

    Leave the backups to us! With Slicie, a backup is made of your entire server every 30 minutes, ensuring that you can easily recover your WordPress blog from just moments ago. Work on improving your WordPress site with confidence.

  • A Powerful Network With Simple Features

    Without any changes to your WordPress configuration, you can add simple services using our networking features. Get HTTPS encryption with one click for free. Easily set up caching at the edge using Cloudflare, and secure your shop for free with Sucuri's Firewall.

    Slicie Feature
    Anycast Network

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We're ready for demanding WordPress sites

Slicie is perfect popular blogs and WooCommerce shops.

Automatic Scaling

Your usage is unique, and your bill should be too. We don't have cookie-cutter plans that waste your money, so we bill separately for RAM, CPU, and storage.

No Plans = Big Savings

When you are locked into a plan, you're paying for a limit that you can't efficiently use. With Slicie, you save money on the difference every day.

Transparent Billing

We accurately track your usage throughout the day, and we give you access to real-time metrics. You will easily understand your usage without any surprises.

Incredible Value

With unbeatable performance and unmatched scaling potential, you get exceptional value. Servers at other companies that cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars per month often cost just a fraction of that on Slicie.

Frequent Backups With No Performance Penalty

Backups are built into our infrastructure's DNA. We crush the competition at backups. We take your data seriously, and you should too.

Compare us to the competition

Old web hosting companies lock you into an impossible situation: your server either runs slow, or you waste money.

Plans Kill Performance

When you use 100% of your storage, you can corrupt your data. When you use 100% of your memory, your server can crash. When you use 100% of your CPU, your server grinds to a halt.

Plans Waste money

It is impossible to efficiently use what the other web hosts are selling, so that means you're wasting money on the difference between what you did use and what you can't use.

Tricks and Gimmicks To Lock You In to Expensive Plans

With plans, growing temporarily means a permanent increase in cost. Plans are designed around storage, which you need the most, ensuring you waste money on the resources you don't need.

Slow Upgrades With Long Downtime

Some companies will tell you the hard truth right on their site: it can take a long time to upgrade your server. For larger servers, you might be waiting many hours to upgrade. When running a promotion, you will be torn between slow performance and a long outage.

Slow, Infrequent Backups, That Cost You Extra

Most companies charge a premium of 20% of your plan's price, regardless of how big your backups are. Most companies restrict you to just 2-4 backups, and in some cases, they might be as old as a week. Almost every company's backups hurt your server's performance, and some don't even work if you actively use your server!

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Slicie is easy to use. Get started in just a few minutes.

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Take a deep dive

Yes! That is a perfect use of Slicie's technology!

You will see tremendous benefits from running WooCommerce on Slicie. The biggest advantage is that when you need to run a major promotion, you won't have to spend a ton of money to do so. You don't have to "upgrade your plan", because we don't have plans! You can make your next Black Friday sale a breeze!

You can do this in a number of easy and fast ways. We take backups of your server automatically every 30 minutes, which means you always have a fresh copy of your WordPress files as well.

If you just want to restore a WordPress file or directory, that's very easy. You can either mount your backup in your live server and then copy over the WordPress files, or you can view your backup in your browser and download your WordPress to your local computer.

There is no plugin neccessary. No customizations are required for WordPress to work properly on Slicie.

Slicie has proprietary technology built into our virtual infrastructure, which is below the technology of WordPress. Slicie adapts to WordPress in the same way it adapts to anything you do on your server.

As WordPress uses different resources throughout the day, Slicie makes automatic decisions as to how to scale your resources. This ensures that WordPress is always performing smoothly.

You can run any version of WordPressyou like. You have complete control over your server, so you are free to install whatever you wish.