Utility Billing

Pay for what you use.
Save big with unique billing every day.

Simple billing based on your server's usage

With our easy to understand interface, taking control over your billing has never been easier.

Unique Billing

Every application is unique, and its usage is too. With Slicie, you pay based on your server's usage each day.

Utility Billing

Like an electric bill, we invoice you based on your usage of individual resources. Your CPU, memory, and storage are billed based on their individual usage.

Transparent Billing

We make it easy to understand your costs. Our control panel shows deep insight into your usage at the end of each day and in real-time.

Simple, honest, affordable

How our new approach is better

  • Watch your usage

    Never been caught by surprise. We clearly show you what's going on with your usage and your costs.

  • Pay for what you use

    At the end of each day, your usage is calculated. You can view your usage in daily reports or in real-time.

  • Save money

    Compared to old hosting plans, you'll save money on the difference between their limits and your usage.

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How we make it easy

  • Straight forward pricing

    We tell you exactly what each resource costs. You can use as much or as little of each resource as you want. There are no "general" plans or "memory-optimized" plans. Our infrastructure automatically scales to fit your needs, and your bill does too.

  • Usage reports emailed to you

    Based on your preference, you can receive emails outlining your ongoing usage. If you wish to receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports, you can opt-in using our easy customer portal.

  • Optional limits for cost control

    You can control how our automatically scaling works to ensure that you never pay more than you wish. Without any downtime, upgrading, or downgrading, you can adjust those when you want.

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Compare us to the competition

Old web hosting companies charge you unfairly, locking you in to paying for something you don't need.

Plans make promotions costly

Upgrading your server means causing a costly outage, but you need to have a plan large enough to handle that next big promotion. This means that when you aren't running your biggest promotion, you're stuck paying for a server that can handle one. Old companies make their profit by their customers paying for something they don't use.

Plans are never a perfect fit

When you are locked into a plan, you're paying for a limit that you can't efficiently use. With Slicie, you save money on the difference every day.

Old hosts rely on upselling

They don't bill you for what you use. Instead, their goal is always to push you to upgrade. This is because as you upgrade, you'll become less efficient and more profitable. More often than not, all you want is more disk space, but you'll be paying for twice as much CPU and memory too!

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Take a deep dive

You are free to limit your server with us. You can set your resources to specific limits, and then you'll know the maximum your server will cost you. We'll still only bill for what you use, which will be below those limits. So it will be like a normal plan, but you'll simply be saving money every month.

Each server costs at least $3 per month, which is the cost of your first allocation of NVME space. If your server is not shut off, realistically you will also use at least one gigabyte of RAM, which is an additional $1 per month. So, with a very minimal server, which uses less than 1 CPU core for an hour each day, you will pay $4 per month.

During the limited access period, when you need to be given an invitation to use Slicie, it's free.

We generate monthly invoices for the previous calendar month on the 3rd of the following month. That invoice is due on the 10th. So we will send you an invoice for your usage in March on April 3rd, and you will owe that amount on April 10th. We give you a grace period to pay the bill until the 21st (April 21st in this example), at which time we may suspend your services (like your electric company).

We also calculate your costs at the end of every day, so you can pay for your hosting early if you like.

You can pay securely on our website using a credit card. You may also mail us a cheque. If you mail us your payment, you need to make sure it is delivered by the 21st for the previous month's invoice. The mailing address is provided on your invoice.