PrestaShop Perfected

Powerful hosting for demanding e-commerce shops.
No plans or restrictions, and automatic scaling for huge promotions.

Use PrestaShop in 30 seconds

Higher performance for online businesses

Slicie provides simple hosting for PrestaShop using powerful server infrastructure.

Automatic Scaling

Run huge promotions without slowing down. Our servers automatically grow in real-time to adapt to changes in usage.

Slicie Feature
Vertical Scaling

Utility Billing

Pay only for the resources you use. At the end of each day your costs are calculated by your usage of each resource.

Slicie Feature
Utility Billing

30 Minute Backups

Your business is critical ‐ support it with frequent backups that can be recovered instantly. Don't suffer huge financial loss from a mistake.

Slicie Feature
Instant Backups

Never Upgrade Never Downgrade Never Reboot

Scale Automatically and Pay For What You Use


/ GiB of RAM


/ AMD Core


/ 10 GiB of NVME

Burst each resource for an hour each day for free!

Most servers don't pay for a single CPU core.

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Easy, Powerful, Affordable

PrestaShop runs better on Slicie

  • Fast page loads

    We run the fastest Intel Optane NVMEs and the highest clock-speed Intel CPUs. Combined with our automatic scaling, Prestashop performs quickly and consistently.

  • Huge Savings

    By pay for your usage, your save money with a server that adapts to PrestaShop. You save money by not paying for a plan with limits that you can't use.

  • Ready for promotions

    When other servers crawl or go down, our servers adapt in real-time to your promotion's increase in usage. Deliver a high quality experience when it matters most.

Slicie is built for important e-commerce sites

When your online shop matters, Slicie provides a tremendous amount of value compared to old web hosts.

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How Slicie makes you more money

  • Full control with root access

    Your developers don't want to wait for a support email. Our servers come with root access, empowering your team to make the changes they want.

  • Instant backups every 30 minutes

    Your shop matters and that means its data is critical to the success of your business. Backups are made of all of your data every 30 minutes, and you can make on-demand backups instantly with a simple click on our control panel. Our backups are more than just copies of your data, and you can easily restore your data within seconds.

    Slicie Feature
    Disaster Recovery

  • A future-proof server for PrestaShop

    Your shop has access to 256 GiB of RAM, 256 TiB of storage, and 50 of the fastest Intel vCPUs. With our Automatic Scaling servers, your resources and costs grow with your business.

    Slicie Feature
    Automatic Scaling

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New hosting for demanding PrestaShop sites

Get the best fit for your online shop.

Unique Scaling

Every PrestaShop site is unique, and your server should be too. We don't have restrictive plans with arbitrary limits. Use what you need.

Reliable Backups

The integrity of customer data is essential, so we built the most powerful platform for disaster recovery. Keep your business safe.

Adaptive Billing

Your server scales with you, and so does your billing. Your usage changes every day, and your bill should too.

The only server that grows with PrestaShop automatically

Every day is different when running an online business. Being prepared for an unexpected surge in customers is hard on old web hosts, but our servers make your life easy.

Compare us to the competition

Old web hosting companies cost PrestaShop stores a lot of money.

Slow page loads lose business

Customers lose trust when an online shop runs poorly, and it hurts your reputation. Old hosts impose arbitrary limits with cookie-cutter plans, which hurts the performance of PrestaShop.

Restrictive plans waste money

PrestaShop uses different resources every day, but your plan locks you into the same price for the entire month. Our servers are billed uniquely each day based on your usage, and you pay the difference at old hosts.

Slow upgrades with long downtime

Upgrading at our competitors can require hours of downtime, which will cost you greatly in sales and customer reputation. To make matters worse, it's impossible to predict when you might need to upgrade in the future, so you're always wasting money.

Bad backups and slow restorations

Keeping reliable copies of PrestaShop data is critical for business as an e-commerce shop, but most companies limit you to just 2 to 4 backups. These backups are often daily or even weekly backups, causing you to lose copies of orders and new customers when restoring an old backup. In many cases, recovering a backup can take hours or even days.

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Slicie is easy to use. Get started in just a few minutes.

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Take a deep dive

You can do this in a number of easy and fast ways. We take backups of your server automatically every 30 minutes, which means you always have a fresh copy of your PrestaShop files as well.

If you just want to restore a PrestaShop file or directory, that's very easy. You can either mount your backup in your live server and then copy over the PrestaShop files, or you can view your backup in your browser and download your PrestaShop to your local computer.

There is no plugin neccessary. No customizations are required for PrestaShop to work properly on Slicie.

Slicie has proprietary technology built into our virtual infrastructure, which is below the technology of PrestaShop. Slicie adapts to PrestaShop in the same way it adapts to anything you do on your server.

As PrestaShop uses different resources throughout the day, Slicie makes automatic decisions as to how to scale your resources. This ensures that PrestaShop is always performing smoothly.

You can run any version of PrestaShopyou like. You have complete control over your server, so you are free to install whatever you wish.