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Easy Joomla hosting that scales with you.
High performance hosting for the most demanding Joomla sites.

Use Joomla in 30 seconds

The easy server hosting that Joomla developers love

With backups every 30 minutes and high performance NVMEs, Slicie is perfect for Joomla!

Vertical Scaling

As your site's needs change, your server will automatically adapt to provide you with more or less resources.

Slicie Feature
Vertical Scaling

Powerful Backups

Your entire server, including Joomla, is backed up automatically every 30 minutes. Instantly backup on-demand and restore in seconds.

Slicie Feature
Instant Backups

Pay for what you use

Keep costs low while developing, and only pay more when your Joomla site becomes more popular. Save big without restrictive plans.

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Utility Billing

No Upgrades Always Fast No Reboots

Powerful servers with automatic scaling for Joomla!

Monthly Rate
$8 / core
Monthly Rate
$1 / GiB
Monthly Rate
$3 / 10 GiB
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Easy, Powerful, Affordable

Why Joomla runs better on Slicie

  • No more upgrading

    Forget about resources and arbitrary limits. Our servers automatically grow and shrink with your Joomla site.

  • 30 Minute Backups

    With Slicie, your Joomla site is automatically backed up every 30 minutes, ensuring that you can quickly and easily restore a recent backup.

  • Consistent Performance

    A slow server will drag your Joomla site down. Our hardware is always adapting to fit your needs with the latest Intel Optane NVMEs.

Let your team focus on your site, not your server

Developers hate slow servers. Focus on what matters most: Joomla!

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How Slicie makes Joomla better

  • Full Root Access

    The amount of customization you can do to Joomla is practically endless. Why should your server be any different? Install the latest versions of the software you need without restrictions from your web hosting company.

  • Backups every 30 minutes

    While Joomla empowers your developers to make significant changes to your site, that freedom comes with its own headaches. Being able to revert your site to a previous iteration easily is critical. Slicie doesn't just backup your code; and it covers your database and your entire server.

    Slicie Feature
    Disaster Recovery

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Let's Get Started Right Now

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Take a deep dive

You can do this in a number of easy and fast ways. We take backups of your server automatically every 30 minutes, which means you always have a fresh copy of your Joomla files as well.

If you just want to restore a Joomla file or directory, that's very easy. You can either mount your backup in your live server and then copy over the Joomla files, or you can view your backup in your browser and download your Joomla to your local computer.

There is no plugin neccessary. No customizations are required for Joomla to work properly on Slicie.

Slicie has proprietary technology built into our virtual infrastructure, which is below the technology of Joomla. Slicie adapts to Joomla in the same way it adapts to anything you do on your server.

As Joomla uses different resources throughout the day, Slicie makes automatic decisions as to how to scale your resources. This ensures that Joomla is always performing smoothly.

You can run any version of Joomlayou like. You have complete control over your server, so you are free to install whatever you wish.