Edge Network

Higher quality anycast network traffic.
Lower latency and near-perfect packetloss.

Benefit from locations around North America

Traffic is routed intelligently from our edge locations to your server.

Lower Latency

Your data take "fast paths" through the internet to ensure the lowest possible latency.

Lower packet-loss

Your data doesn't just move faster, it also enjoys near-perfect reliability.

Automatic premium routes

We don't compromise with cheaper IP transit providers. We use the best quality path between our locations.

Simple, reliable, affordable

How our edge networking works

  • The edge

    Traffic comes into the edge location we maintain, where services are dropped in, or the traffic is sent into our cloud.

  • The fast path

    Your traffic is sent from the edge location, through the best path possible, to the location nearest to your server.

  • Your server

    Traffic reaches your server only when necessary, enjoying the fastest connectivity and reliability from the edge to you.

The edge doesn't have to be expensive and complicated

There are very few edge providers, but they are all expensive. With Slicie, the edge is included at no extra cost.
The edge is baked into our cloud, and you don't have to do anything special to enjoy the benefits.

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Higher quality network connectivity

  • Faster connectivity

    By avoiding routing issues on the public internet, end-users will benefit from better connectivity to your server with higher throughput.

  • Anycast IP announcements

    Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are announced from all of our POPs, ensuring high-quality anycast connectivity. This provides shorter paths into our POPs for your end-users, allowing us to ensure better connectivity on the fast path back to your server through our anycast network.

  • 100gbps+ of DDOS protection

    Protected by many locations around the United States, your IP traffic is automatically protected from attacks around the world.

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We have a new, better way

We're ready.
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Take a deep dive

Yes, in these early stages, we rely on our upstream network provider, NetActuate, to provide DDOS protection. Through them, we are able to mitigate extremely large attacks, as large as hundreds of gigabits per second.

At this moment, if you are frequently undergoing DDOS attacks, we may not be able to provide you with free mitigation constantly. We will likely have to work out some arrangement to compensate for the cost. If you rarely see DDOS attacks, realistically, it won't cost you anything if you do encounter one briefly here or there.

With that said, this an area we want to grow into. We want to mitigate DDOS attacks in-house at every edge location. Our ambition is to ensure that our customers never have to concern themselves with the technical challenges or costs associated with DDOS attacks. We're not there yet for all attacks, but we will strive to be in the future.

Yes! It natively supports IPv6.

Most companies add on IPv6 to their existing network as a sort of "band-aide" after thought. Our network was built for IPv6 from the ground up.

You can easily request multiple IPv6 /64 subnets for your servers.

Yes. We do not currently impose restrictions on how many IPv4 addresses you can use.

You are required to actually use your IPv4 addresses for some purpose, and you are required to justify that usage; however, we don't impose any restrictions beyond those imposed by ARIN (for the United States).

IPv4 addresses are billed at $2 per month, and are prorated if you use less than that amount of time.

Can I use an IPv4 address for ____?
If you're using it and have a need to use it for that thing, that's good enough.

Yes. IP addresses are assigned to your account, and can be moved between servers with a simple click in our portal.

All IP addresses have the same features and functionality, there are no fees associated with any IP (beyond the $2 per month for IPv4 addresses).

Yes, you can assign a private IPv4 address or an IPv6 /64 subnet to any server.

Private network traffic spans all our datacenters. Traffic sent between datacenters is automatically encrypted during transit, and decrypted before reaching your server.

No. There are no layer 2 services of any kind. We offer an IP (layer 3) network.

A valid use for a layer 2 service would be a load balancer (although those can be done above layer 2 as well). We intend to provide load balancing within our network at the IP layer.