Dynamic Drupal

Hosting that automatically adapts to Drupal.
Automatic Scaling, Hybrid Hardware, and backups every 30 minutes.

Use Drupal in 30 seconds

Affordable server hosting for demanding sites

Let Drupal fly on the only server infrastructure that automatically scales with your changing usage.

Pay for what you use

As your usage with Drupal changes, your costs adjust in real-time. Save money without upgrades and plans, just pay for what you use.

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Utility Billing

Automatic Scaling

As your Drupal site evolves, your server scales with you. Go viral or run a big promotion without slowing down.

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Vertical Scaling

30 Minute Backups

With backups every 30 minutes, work on your Drupal site without worrying about making mistakes. Instantly restore from any backup.

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Instant Backups

Never Upgrade Never Downgrade Never Reboot

Scale Automatically and Pay For What You Use


/ GiB of RAM


/ AMD Core


/ 10 GiB of NVME

Burst each resource for an hour each day for free!

Most servers don't pay for a single CPU core.

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Slicie is easy to use. Get started in just a few minutes.

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Easy, Powerful, Affordable

The best server hosting for Drupal

  • High performance

    With the fastest Intel Optane NVMEs and high-frequency Intel scalable CPUs, Drupal runs faster on our servers than anywhere else.

  • One-click setup

    Use our Drupal server image, and get up and running in minutes. Using Drupal has never been easier than it is on Slicie. Simply use the same server from development to launch.

  • Unique servers without plans

    Your site is unique, and your usage changes everyday. Don't get stuck with a cookie-cutter plan that limits your usage. Use a server that evolves with Drupal automatically.

Slicie is simply the easiest hosting for Drupal

Get up and running fast, and never worry about your hosting again. Slicie automatically keeps Drupal running smoothly.

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Why Drupal on Slicie?

  • You get root access

    You can set your server up exactly how you see fit. Either use our default Drupal image or install Drupal on your own server configuration; it's up to you. Don't get locked into your web host's cookie-cutter setup ‐ take control with root access.

  • Instant backup recovery

    Drupal developers love Slicie because it's pain-free to revert recent changes. Rather than worrying about every new plugin or modification, you can make the changes you want with peace of mind.

    Slicie Feature
    Instant Disaster Recovery

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Start your free trial today!

Slicie is easy to use. Get started in just a few minutes.

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Take a deep dive

You can do this in a number of easy and fast ways. We take backups of your server automatically every 30 minutes, which means you always have a fresh copy of your Drupal files as well.

If you just want to restore a Drupal file or directory, that's very easy. You can either mount your backup in your live server and then copy over the Drupal files, or you can view your backup in your browser and download your Drupal to your local computer.

There is no plugin neccessary. No customizations are required for Drupal to work properly on Slicie.

Slicie has proprietary technology built into our virtual infrastructure, which is below the technology of Drupal. Slicie adapts to Drupal in the same way it adapts to anything you do on your server.

As Drupal uses different resources throughout the day, Slicie makes automatic decisions as to how to scale your resources. This ensures that Drupal is always performing smoothly.

You can run any version of Drupalyou like. You have complete control over your server, so you are free to install whatever you wish.