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Billing Resource Billing

Billing is calculated based on each individual resource, on each individual server. You only pay for the resources that are invoiced to your server, not the resources that are assigned to your server.

Servers on Slicie automatically scale throughout the day, based on your usage. Resources are invoiced in different quantities. These are the units for each resource: 1 core, 1 GiB of RAM, 10 GiB of Storage. Unlike a traditional web hosting plan, the ratio of these resources are not fixed. You can be invoiced for 20 GiB of Storage, but you cannot be invoiced 25 GiB of Storage.

Resources may be assigned to your server beyond the invoiced quantity. For instance, we will provide your server as much memory as it needs, regardless of how much you have been invoiced.

You can see your live usage, which may impact how much of a particular resource is assigned. For instance, we may assign extra memory, above your live usage. This is commonly the case for CPU and Memory, where we want to make available extra resources in case of a rapid increase in demand.

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