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Backups Deleting Backups

If you don't want a backup, feel free to delete it. As long as you didn't need that backup, there is no risk in deleting it. Deleting a backup will have no impact on your server; there is no performance penalty for deleting a backup, and you may save money by freeing up data stored exclusively in that backup.

Keep in mind that data contained in the backup is "freed" over time. This is done to ensure there is no impact on the performance on your server.

When you schedule backups, you can configure how long they exist before they are deleted automatically. You can use this method to avoid having to manually delete backups.

Instant backups on our platform do not share data in any meaningful way with your live server. Your live server does not depend on backups in any way, and deleting a backup does not affect your live server.

If you want to prevent a backup from being deleted, you can click the "star" to keep it forever. Just remember to delete the snapshot when you don't need it any longer. If you keep it for a long time, we'll email you a reminder about the backup just in case you forgot about it.

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