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Backup schedules

Backups Schedules are a simple way to automatically take backups of your server at various intervals that you prefer.

You can schedule a backup as frequently as every 30 minutes, and you can keep a backup for as long as two years. If you want to keep a backup even longer than that, you can manually create a backup or by clicking the next to a backup, which will prevent it from being deleted.

You can create a simple "daily backup" by choosing to take a backup every day, and then choosing to delete it after one week, or a month, or however long you like!

Daily backups aren't all that fun if you actually need them. Consider, in addition to the daily entry, creating an hourly backup as well. You can create a backup hourly and configure it to delete after one day. Now you have the daily backups, and you've got hourly ones to cover the past 24 hours.

Our Backups Schedules are meant to be custom, based on what you find useful. You can always change your backup schedule for a server, so feel free to play around. Backups don't have to be stressful!

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