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Backups Cost of Backups

Creating a backup of your server does not directly cost anything. There is no direct financial cost, delay, or performance penalty.

Old hosting companies typically charge a 20% fee to store backups; this is because they create a snapshot of the data and then move the data stored in that snapshot to a "backup server." Our technology does not work in that way, and we don't have the same inefficiencies.

The indirect cost occurs when you modify data stored in a backup because we must maintain an original copy of that data contained in your backup. This happens in real-time while your IO is "in-flight." This means that if you modify your data a lot after taking a backup, the backup will cost more to store than if you modified a smaller amount of data.

It is technically impracticable to calculate the cost of a backup for a large drive. We provide more information about the usage of your backup than any technology available, but we will never be able to tell you how much money you would save by deleting any particular backup. You may be able to use the metrics we show alongside a backup to make an educated guess, but it's not possible to calculate the exact cost of a backup.

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