cPanel Improved

Combining easy server management with powerful infrastructure.
Slicie is fully compatible with cPanel, and provides huge benefits for your server platform.

Use cPanel in 30 seconds

All of our unique features improve cPanel

Take all the hassle out of hosting. cPanel runs better with Slicie.

Better 30 minute backups

Keep as many backups as you want, and instantly restore exactly what you need. Attach any backup to your live server.

Slicie Feature
Instant Backups

Automatic Scaling

Your server resources automatically adapt to your usage, ensuring that every cPanel accounts runs smoothly.

Slicie Feature
Vertical Scaling

Utility Billing

Your cost is calculated at the end of each day based on your usage. Your server's usage changes every day, and your bill should too.

Slicie Feature
Utility Billing

Never Upgrade Never Downgrade Never Reboot

Scale Automatically and Pay For What You Use


/ GiB of RAM


/ AMD Core


/ 10 GiB of NVME

Burst each resource for an hour each day for free!

Most servers don't pay for a single CPU core.

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Easier, Better, Cheaper

cPanel works better on Slicie

  • Anycast Network

    Our anycast network ensures near low latency and near-perfect packet-loss. Our edge locations route around routing issues on the internet, ensuring the best performance.

  • One-click setup

    Installing and configuring cPanel can be a hassle, and it takes nearly 10 GB of disk space to do so. Our image includes every major feature, saving you time and money.

  • Huge Savings

    By only paying for what you use, your server can be significantly cheaper than traditional infrastructure. cPanel servers that are less demanding cost less with utility billing.

Take all the guess-work out of cPanel

With Slicie, your server always runs smoothly, because it always has access to what it needs.

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Why cPanel on Slicie?

  • Pass on our benefits to your users

    Set yourself apart from the endless sea of web hosts. With enterprise Intel Optane NVMEs, the most powerful latest generation Intel CPUs, and access to 256 TiB of NVME backed storage, your cPanel accounts are going to fly.

  • Amazing backup restorations

    Your users will love how quickly you can help them in the event of a disaster. You can instantly access your backups by attaching them live to your server. This allows you to restore user directories and databases. You can also boot your backup on a private network, allowing you to create a cPanel backup from it.

    Slicie Feature
    Instant Disaster Recovery

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Our infrastructure is perfect for cPanel servers

We've done web hosting for years, so we know what your server needs.

Automatic Scaling

Everything always runs smoothly, so your server admins can sleep easy at night. No more upgrades or downgrades!

Easy Backups

Our backups are so easy anyone on your team can take them and restore them. There is no extra cost, just pay for your usage.

Unique Billing

Every cPanel server is different, but your cost doesn't have to stay the same. Don't overpay for underused servers.

Less headache for server admins

Because we make everything so easy, you don't need to bother your most expensive server admins for every little thing. You can easily access your server's console, reboot it, configure its firewall, manage IPs, and much more. We make cPanel hosting easy, and your team will thank you for using us!

Big savings on cPanel licenses

The cost per cPanel account goes down the more cPanel accounts you have. Your first account costs $15/mo, and your 100th costs just thirty cents! This pricing structure strongly benefits cPanel servers with many accounts, which means you save a ton using a powerful server that scales with you.

Compare us to the competition

Old web hosting companies can't compete with our infrastructure.

Cloud companies are too costly

On a cPanel server, the thing you need most is disk space, and that's where VPS providers kill you the most. Over time, as your storage needs grow, you'll be locked into paying for the other resource you don't need.

Dedicated servers waste money

There is no faster way to explode your bottom line than paying for a dedicated server. You are literally locking your cPanel server into a physical server that it cannot outgrow. You will always pay for a hardware limit you can never hit.

Slow upgrades with long downtime

Even if your infrastructure can be upgraded, it's going to require some serious downtime. If you're using hundreds of gigabytes of storage, you could be looking at over 10 hours of downtime. There is nothing worse than taking a server full of users down.

Bad backups and costly restorations

Your user data is critical, but many of our competitors have very unreliable backups that harm your server's performance. Restoring a backup at most companies means an "all or nothing" recovery of the entire server, which doesn't allow you to restore an individual account's data. If you aren't using your provider's backups, you're relying on cPanel backups, which waste space and use many resources to generate. 3rd party solutions come with their own headaches and costs.

Colocation is expensive

The hidden expense of colocation is the salaries of the people responsible for setting it up and maintaining it. If you want reliable infrastructure in a datacenter, you're going to pay big. With your own setup, you get none of the features that we provide, which give your team easy access to manage your cPanel servers.

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Take a deep dive

You can boot your server from an instant backup, and it will be accessible from your live server over SSH. You can then use cPanel's command-line utility to generate a backup of the user's account and then transfer it to your live server.

With this method, you do not need to configure cPanel to take backups, saving space and avoiding wasting resources. Our instant backup solution empowers you to have many more copies of a cPanel account than would otherwise be possible because it is not practical to make cPanel backups of every account every 30 minutes.

There is no delay in booting a copy of your server for generating a cPanel backup.

Read more about our instant backups.

You can restore an individual MySQL database quickly with our instant backups. Just like how you can easily create a cPanel backup from an instant backup, you can also create a .SQL from a MySQL dump. To do this, you can boot a copy of your server from the instant backup, then SSH into it. From there, you can use the mysqldump command to generate a backup of the database and transfer the file to your live server.

Read more about our instant backups.

Restoring a user's files or an entire directory is very easy. With instant backups, you can restore the whole "Document Root", such as their public_html directory. You can also recover individual files for situations when a customer might misconfigure an .htaccess file or any configuration file.

To do this, you simply need to attach the backup to your running server. This process happens instantly without any reboot or delay. From there, just follow the instructions on our backup page that explains how to mount the filesytem. Once you've mounted the filesystem, you can copy the files or directories as you need.

Read more about our instant backups, we have videos showing you how to do it!

All of them! Feel free to run the latest experimental release, or the LTS branch... whatever you prefer!

We recommend you use at least CentOS 7, as CentOS 6 has reached its end of life.

No. cPanel has demonstrated their willingness to significantly change their license agreements with their customers in the past. We don't want to be put in a sticky situations for simply being the "middle man". We also don't want to mark up licenses or compete with 3rd party companies on the cost of licenses. We want to be an innovative server provider, not a license reseller.

You can get a license directly from cPanel by going to their site.

Because you pay for what you use, what your server's individual user's use will cost you money.

Ultimately you'll have to use the tools available to you in cPanel to restrict things like disk space. With their quotas feature, you can effectively limit them on capacity.

CloudLinux has a number of helpful tools that would allow you to control your individual users. With CloudLinux, you can influence their CPU and Memory limits. You indirectly influence how our hybrid storage responds to a user's data with CloudLinux's IO limits. Using CloudLinux, you can also monitor a user's usage, and in theory you could extend utility billing to them to some extent. You can find CloudLinux (and buy a license) by going to their site.

In the future, we'd like to allow better insight into the individual user's usage, especially as it relates to our hybrid storage platform.